San Zenone Toscana Rosso 2013

The population of two who know about the hit count on this website know that previous installments of this red from Aldi have had the biggest number of readers. So to those of you feverishly awaiting my verdict, here is a view on the latest vintage. This time it is the 2013 version of the […]

bourgogne rouge 2012 domaine sylvain pataille

Burgundy produces some of the most sublime wines in the world.   That is an uncontestable fact.   What is also equally true is that the entry level wines from many producers frankly fail to live up to those lofty heights.  Given that in many cases, the grapes that make up such wines are those from the least […]

London Cru Cabernet Sauvignon

So we have family over from London and knowing them to like the place very much, what better than to treat them to a familiar wine, made within the City.   Well OK, fast forward 30+ years to when global warming has seen vines planted the length of Regents Park and perhaps that might seem like a […]

Bordeaux 2013 en primeur

In what is something of a trend of my last two Bordeaux en primeur reviews, this is another year that I approached without a skip in my step. Another so-so year, nothing to get too excited about, the sort that makes 2011 seem positively ebullient.    But as another stepping stone in my wine education, tasting […]

Burgundy 2012 en primeur

So at last I can write about the Burgundy 2012 en primeur having placed my wine order.  Just in case any of you have been waiting for my blog post to rush out and buy too, here are my thoughts on the vintage.   This is definitely a vintage for the enthusiast and for a number of reasons.   Firstly, […]

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Gin! (in Plymouth)

The observant amongst you will notice this is not a blog about wine. BV is fairly ecumenical in his tastes though and the opportunity to treat my brother to make his own gin was too much to pass up. There are a few distilleries that offer this sort of package so you may find a […]

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Burgundy 2013 en primeur

It’s getting to be something of a treat. Each January the nice people of Burgundy come to a dark cellar in the heart of the old town of Bristol and put on a brilliant spread of some very fine wines. And there is a strong bond between the staff of Averys and their guests. During […]

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2014 Festive summary

The Christmas period is normally a good time to find an excuse to pop one or more of the better bottles you have squirrelled away. This year was no exception, interspersed with a few favourites from the year and a couple of new surprises. Twas the weekend before Christmas and a Pinot loving friend invited […]

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Avery’s Pomerol Seduction

It’s not often as a mere enthusiastic punter that you get to taste two wines side by side from leading producers but this evening promised that opportunity eight times over.   Pomerol is one of the few French high end AOCs that does not classify its producers.   All of these wines were thus notionally equal, though […]

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Vincent Arroyo Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 2006

My memories of visiting the winery near Calistoga at hte Northern end of Napa are beginning to fade into sepia fondness. What is still clear is how different the winery was from many of those around. None of the slick wine bar like tasting rooms. None of the $15 mini-flights with effusive tasting notes. Instead […]

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An appeal

The internet seems to have lost one of my posts.   Specifically, the one about the Wine Society tasting in Bath.   Should any of you be saving an RSS feed of my website, could you send it me in an email.   Many thanks!

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