Bordeaux 2013 en primeur

In what is something of a trend of my last two Bordeaux en primeur reviews, this is another year that I approached without a skip in my step. Another so-so year, nothing to get too excited about, the sort that makes 2011 seem positively ebullient.    But as another stepping stone in my wine education, tasting […]

Burgundy 2012 en primeur

So at last I can write about the Burgundy 2012 en primeur having placed my wine order.  Just in case any of you have been waiting for my blog post to rush out and buy too, here are my thoughts on the vintage.   This is definitely a vintage for the enthusiast and for a number of reasons.   Firstly, […]

Vineyard Visit – Ridge Vineyards, California

In the same postal town that Apple have refined the process turning complex personal electronics in to objects of simple desire, there is a winemaker who turns simple grapes in to complex objects of desire.   But that’s where the rather strained analogy ends.  While Apple glistens in the middle of downtown Cupertino, Ridge vineyards are […]

Bordeaux 2012 en primeur

  The omens are not good.   All the talk in the preceeding weeks has been of how in 2012, prices must remain flat or perhaps even drop compared to 2011.   No one is really talking up the vintage.   Some sauternes producers struggled with too much of the wrong rot leading to some makers not releasing […]

Rhone 2011

Each year between the subtle elegance of the Burgundy and the trial by tannin of the Bordeaux en primeurs, there comes the Rhone version.   In a good year for the former regions it’s all too easy to overlook and ignore the fruity spicy wonders on offer from the Rhone.   That’s something of a shame as […]

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Vincent Arroyo Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 2006

My memories of visiting the winery near Calistoga at hte Northern end of Napa are beginning to fade into sepia fondness. What is still clear is how different the winery was from many of those around. None of the slick wine bar like tasting rooms. None of the $15 mini-flights with effusive tasting notes. Instead […]

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An appeal

The internet seems to have lost one of my posts.   Specifically, the one about the Wine Society tasting in Bath.   Should any of you be saving an RSS feed of my website, could you send it me in an email.   Many thanks!

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Camel Valley, Bacchus Dry 2013

Mrs BV and I have mused on the idea of retiring to foreign climes to tend vines in our old age.   But that seems a long way off and the prospect of experimenting in England first seems closer at hand.   To this end, we decide to embark on a process of seeing what sort of […]

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Recent highlights

It’s been a while since my last post and, while I ho-hum over whether to brave the Bordeaux 2013 en primeur tasting, what better time than to sum up some of the more reasonably priced wines that have passed my lips. First up, the reward for being a good Uncle and babysitting my nephew.   A […]

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Burgundy 2012 en primeur – red

So to the reds.  As noted above, we lacked the time to really make a good sweep of all that was on offer but what follows is a roundup of what we liked the most on the night.  Looking back at my notes, there is an interesting mix in the reds between those who sought […]

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Burgundy 2012 en primeur – white

I’ll start with the whites, as we did on the night.   Note to my brother who reads this blog.   Better timekeeping next time round, yet again we failed to taste all the best reds.  I’m always won over by the offerings from Chablis at these events.   As a child, this was the posh wine we […]

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